Jim Fahey of Bangor, Maine Named as Game Warden of the Year

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“Well Deserved.”

These are the two words that Maine’s newly named Warden of the Year continued to hear on Friday after receiving the highest honor for someone in his profession. Jim Fahey of Bangor, Maine was presented with the prestigious award during a celebration that also marked the 135th Anniversary of the Warden Service in Maine.

In his speech, Fahey cited a line from his favorite movie, “The Outlaw Josey Wales,” from 1976: “endeavor to persevere.”

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Fahey has been with the Maine game warden service for almost 22 years and now actively patrols the Bangor area. He humbly stated that while he did end up receiving the highest honor given, the same accolades could have easily been given to any one of his game warden colleagues who provide the same service he does.

Fahey started his career as a warden in northern Maine and said that during his storied career, he has had the opportunity to learn from some of the top wardens in the state. Some of his mentors were there to congratulate him for this “well deserved” recognition.

When he accepted the award, he was accompanied by his wife Shelley, as well as his two sons Scott and James. During his speech, Fahey stated that when one member of the family is a game warden, they all are, and admitted that it is not always an easy life. Wardens never really know when they may receive a call regarding another incident. A call can come any time of day, even during the middle of the night or on a major holiday.

Warden of the year was just one of the many awards that were handed out at this ceremony, but Fahey’s was the highest honor that was given.

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