County Game Wardens in Texas Having an Eventful Summer

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Game Wardens throughout the state of Texas have been having a very eventful summer according to law enforcement field notes submitted by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Decoy Deer Used to Nab Poachers

In San Augustine County, two game wardens along with a Forest Service ranger have been actively using a decoy deer to stave off nighttime deer hunters. On one particular occasion recently the wardens observed two hunters in a car observing the decoy as they made several passes down the relatively deserted road.

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One of the car’s occupants eventually fired a small caliber rifle out the window at the decoy, which prompted the wardens to pursue the vehicle. The suspects were caught, arrested, and subsequently transported to the San Augustine County Jail.

Game Warden Hears Accident that Results in Arrest

In Williamson County, an off-duty game warden was at home with his family when he heard a loud noise come from just outside his house. He reported looking out the window and seeing car headlights in a nearby creek bed.

The warden took a flashlight to investigate and found a man climbing out of the vehicle on the passenger side and a woman sitting in the driver’s seat. The man insisted that the warden not call the police and when asked why, he stated that it was because he had a criminal record and the woman he was with was only 20 years old.

The warden was aware that this did not have anything to do with the car crash and reported that he could smell marijuana.

When he asked the woman if there was any marijuana left in the car, her reply was “I wish.” The warden had already told his wife to dial 911 before he left the house to investigate and Williamson County deputies arrived and arrested the couple, charging them with driving while intoxicated and possession of marijuana.

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