California Game Warden Kills Mountain Lion in Close Encounter

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A mountain lion is closely related to a puma and jaguar, and has very little resemblance to the big cats of the African plains. Although a mountain lion is not the same as its larger African cousin, it is still a formidable predator and quite capable of injuring or killing an adult. When a California woman and her children recently came into close contact with a perturbed mountain lion, they may not have known the full extent of the danger that confronted them.

Mountain Lion Encounter at Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in California

While walking in the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park recently, Madison Smith of Mission Viejo, and her children came across a 1 year-old mountain lion that weighed approximately 60 pounds.  The cat reportedly hissed at the family, and came within pouncing distance of them.

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The family was able to get away with the help of another hiker, and called 911 for assistance.  A game warden deputy was dispatched to the area, and was able to locate the animal.  According to the deputy’s report, the cat acted aggressively toward him, causing him to have to shoot and kill the animal.

The Role of California’s Game Wardens in Protecting Nature Enthusiasts

Oftentimes people think of game wardens as being primarily concerned with enforcing fishing and hunting laws in forests around the country.  But as can be seen by this situation, game wardens must also put their lives on the line in order to help protect those that routinely use the country’s wilderness areas for exercise and relaxation.

In the case of this aggressive mountain lion, authorities are conducting an autopsy on the animal in order to determine if it may have had a disease that caused it to act more aggressively than normal.

Though mountain lions generally shun any contact with humans, there have been several high profile attacks by mountain lions in recent years.

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