The Texas Game Wardens Special Teams

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The Texas Game Wardens are a passionate and dedicated group of individuals committed to their duties in the protection of the state’s natural resources. There are several units within the Texas Game Wardens that utilize special training to handle technical situations that call for a very specific set of skills. These special teams include the following:

Texas Maritime Tactical Operations Group – This team is staffed by the Law Enforcement Division of the Texas Game Wardens and is trained and equipped to respond to special maritime incidents and offer enhanced support to the Game Wardens.

SCOUT Team – The SCOUT Team is tasked with the responsibility of providing support to border operations, protection of dignitaries, and incidents that call for high-risk law enforcement. The team also provides a security presence and special tactical response capabilities to the ecological regions and marine environments within the state of Texas.

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Search and Rescue Team – Also part of the Law Enforcement Division, the SAR Team assists the Texas Game Wardens in situations such as natural and man-made catastrophes, land-based search and rescue missions, and water rescues.

Forensic Reconstruction and Mapping Team – This team takes advantage of the latest technology in an effort to reconstruct violent crimes for forensic analysis.

Marine Investigations Unit – THE MIU is a nine-member statewide team that works to track down and arrest individuals who have stolen boats and other maritime equipment. It is also a regional point of contact unit for marine theft, title fraud, and tax fraud investigations.

Statewide Honor Guard – This team is responsible for the support of active and retired Game Wardens who have passed away. The Guard sends a detail to the funerals of fallen Wardens, marches in parades, and provides all manner of support for services and events honoring Wardens who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

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